Emily Blunt – Custom Michael Kors or Eliza & Ethan?!

I had to do a double-take when I saw Emily Blunt on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.  I was convinced she had chosen to wear one of our fabulous multiwrap dresses by Eliza & Ethan in ivory! However when speaking to E! she said her dress was “Custom-made by Michael Kors”

 Alila Emily Blunt copy

What do you think?! I can only imagine how much a custom-made Michael Kors gown would cost and would imagine that our Eliza & Ethan Ivory Multiwrap dress is a fraction of that cost at just €225 and in stock now!

The added bonus of our Eliza & Ethan dress is that it can be worn over 25 ways! To achieve Emily’s “custom” look above, the trick is to put the dress on with the straps at the back of the dress.  Bring them up and over the shoulders to the front, cross them over the bust, bring the straps then to the back around the waist and around to the front and finally to the back again and secure with a knot.

For more colours or to buy now click here.

AM x

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