Black Crystal Flower Brooch


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This black crystal flower brooch is a dark contrasting colour that would look lovely attached to lighter coloured items of clothing! Here at Alila, we don’t think that modern day fashionista’s acknowledge the sheer versatility and glamour of a brooch! Below, we have come up with ten different ways a new brooch will transform a dull wardrobe to a stylista’s heaven!

1. Wear it the traditional way, on the upper left of a blouse or dress.
2. Add flair to your jacket by pinning a brooch to your lapel.
3. Feed a chain through the brooch and wear as a pendant or attach to a thin ring for instant cocktail jewelerry!
4. Attach a brooch to the front of a clutch purse to transform into an evening bag.
5. Wear a brooch at the lowest point of our neckline on a low cut top or dress..
6. Pin matching brooches on plain shoes to dress them up.
7. Wear a white shirt buttoned all the way to the top and pin a brooch over the top button.
8. Wrap a scarf around your shoulders and affix with a brooch.
9. Tie your hair back and wrap with fabric ribbon, then pin a brooch through the ribbon for a beautiful hair accessory.
10. Attach a brooch over the buckle of a plain leather or fabric belt.

This black crystal flower brooch is perfect every one of these fashionable hacks.