Some of our Eliza & Ethan dresses as worn by our gorgeous customers and celebrities alike!

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08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_37x0c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_40x0x1c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_48x1c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_46x0c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_27c(logo)Eliza & Ethan Multiway dressEliza & Ethan Multiway dress08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_11c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_12x0x1c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_16c(logo)08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_35x1Eliza & Ethan Multiway dress  08_02_2015_Eliza_Ethan_26x0x1100x700logo     Eliza & Ethan Multiway dress

20150208 Eliza_Ethan_34x0x1100x700logo 20150208 Eliza_Ethan_31x0x700x1100logo 20150208 Eliza_Ethan_25x0x1100x700logo


10325692_652086211533381_6792489061696704459_n     10421309_652086224866713_5144504869720606065_n     Dusty Rose


Eliza & Ethan Dusty Rose     Eliza & Ethan Dusty Rose Bridesmaids     Eliza & Ethan Dusty Rose Bridesmaids


Pippa O'Connor's Bridesmaids in Dusty Rose          Eliza & Ethan Dusty Rose


TitaniumEliza & Ethan Titanium    Nadia Forde in Ruby Eliza & Ethan     Ruby


OceanMairead Farrell in Eliza & Ethan         Champagne


Jade     10390574_652195064855829_8719768041850538599_n     Blue Lagoon

Lauren Goodger, TOWIE. Eliza & Ethan Dusty RoseDusty-Peach-Eliza-and-Ethan-Multiwrap-Dress

Rosanna Davison in Eliza & Ethan      Ivory    Rosanna_Davison_Ivory_Diva          Platinum

Dusty Rose & Coral  CoralVeronica   Coral (L) & Veronica (R)

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